Siobahn Hotaling

UX Designer, Manager, and Experience Lead

Application Design

Experience with desktop and mobile applications – ranging from complex, enterprise-scale SaaS products to mobile-only social media platforms

Design Systems

Well-versed in working with existing design systems as well as creating ones from scratch to create unified, cohesive interfaces

The Psychology of UX

Uses the principle of empathy and human understanding to make thoughtful, user-centric UX decisions.

Management Through Mentorship

Many years of experience working with individuals in a coaching, mentoring, and managing environment.  Management philosophy is to seek an understanding of each person’s unique goals and objectives to help them grow in a way that is most motivating and empowering for them.



Agile Methodology

Design Systems

UX Design

Responsive Design



Javascript Frameworks



UX Research

Interaction Design


years of design and development experience


years managing people and projects


Master's degree in Psychology

About Siobahn Hotaling

Siobahn Hotaling has spent much of her life dedicated to learning about technology as well as human behavior.

The field of UX, to her, is that sweet spot – the place where technology and psychology collide.

She is passionate about understanding users and giving them the best experience for their objectives – and to be able to work with groups of people who also care deeply about elevating design, problem solving, and friendly collaboration.

Siobahn currently works as a UX manager and experience lead for a large payments organization; in her role, she dedicates much of her time to mentorship, collaboration with the product and development teams, and working to improve the company’s internal design system.

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