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A company was bringing on a new batch of customers after an acquisition, and had to build an updated version of its payments portal to serve their needs. During the analysis of what would be needed for migration, it was discovered that the existing help center and support website would need to be updated in order to serve these users.

However, due to time and development effort constraints, the team could not refactor its existing, outdated website, which used a complex site building tool that was not intended to be a CMS. To compound the problem, the existing site contained instructions and content that would have been confusing and unhelpful to this new set of merchants, potentially fueling dissatisfaction with the new portal and also driving up support calls.

As a UX Experience Lead and user advocate, I recognized the enormity of this problem. Though the team at large had no resources to offer me, I set out to design and build a site myself as a short-term solution, pulling on my previous development experience.

I researched best practices for help sites, built a responsive and accessible framework, recruited a team of technical writers to help curate content, and ultimately launched the initial release of this help center – which is still in use and being iterated on as our go-forward help site.


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