User Creation Wizard

A large-scale payments portal offers various applications to its merchants to allow them to view payment reports, manage disputes, run analytics, and more.  This portal is utilized by merchants as well as the company’s internal users (i.e. support staff, administrators, etc).

Until now, all user accounts – for merchants as well as internal users – have had to be created manually by internal support staff, causing delays and frustrating users.

There is an increasing demand from larger merchants to be able to create their own user accounts for their companies, as well as a need to streamline the process for internal support teams due to increased complexity in account data and uptick in new merchants being onboarded.

As the UX Design lead for this portal, I was tasked with designing the complete vision for creating an accounts management system – one that could be used by both customer merchants and internal users to create and manage user accounts in a friendly, efficient interface.

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